Special Guest

Evgeny Polikanin (Baritone)

Evgeny's Polikanin's career is impressive. He is te winner of numerous prizes, he has been invited to perform with many companies and he commands an extensive repertoire.

He graduated from the Lunacharsky State Theatre Institute (GITIS) in 1974 (his teacher was P.  Korobkov) and in 1974-75 he was a soloist with the Kuibyshev opera and he has been a soloist with the “Mosconcert” since 1975. During this time he also won first prize in the All-Russia Competition and the All-Union Competition for the performance of Soviet songs (1977).

Over the years he has developed aparticularly tight bond with the “Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Musical Theatre” to which he has been connected as a soloist since 1991. Evgeny has played many important roles in their productions, but his services are by no means exclusive to them.

From 1994 through 1996 he took part in a production by the Viennese Chamber Opera and the Viennese Festival called “Mozart in Shoenbrunn.” In 2000 and 2002 he took part in the National Opera in Paris (“L’Opera Bastille”). Evgeny has also performed important roles in concerts with the Russian National Symphony Orchestra (with artistic director Mikhail Pietnev); The Russian State Symphony Chapel of Russia (with artistic director Valery Polansky); the orchestra of the State Philharmonic Society (artistic director Vladimir Ponkin). He has also performed often with the N. Ossipov Russian Folk orchestra.

Evgeny commands a broad repertoire of chamber music and songs which include the “Kindertotenlieder” by G. Mahler. He took part in the international tours of The Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theatre (Germany 1993; South Korea 1997). Evgeny also gave concerts in Austria, Great Britain, Germany, France,  Belgium, Spain, Holland, Hungary, Finland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, Australia and the United States. This last one was a brilliant solo performance in New York's Carnegie Hall, in 1999.

His solo CD “World opera Classics and Russian Romances” was recorded in Moscow in May 2009. He could also be heard in Rotterdam during the Rotterdam opera days during which he played the lead in the opera Madama Butterfly, together with the Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theatre. In november 2013 he sang the lead in operas such as Puccini’s Tosca and Verdi’s La Traviata in the Stanislavsky Theatre in Moscow. Evgeny Polikanin has worked together with conductor Marcel N. Verhoeff for a long time. Verhoeff regularly invites Evgeny to accompany the Don KosakenChor Russland on their tours.


Yuli Glubokov (Tenor)

Yuli Glubokov graduated from Nikolaj Pokrovski’s class (1963-1968) at the faculty for musical theatre at the Moscow Theatre Academy (formerly GITIS). After his studies he was employed as a soloist with the Petrozavodsk Musical Theatre.

Andrej Kolesnikov (Bass)

Andrej Kolesnikov graduated from the department for solo singing at Gnessin Musicial College (1985-1989). Afterwards, he continued his education in solo singing at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music with the pedagogue A.A. Eizen (1986-1994). He has been a soloist with the Don KosakenChor Russland since 1996 and its inspector since 2004.

Marcel Khayrov (Bass & Keyboard)

Marcel Khayrov was born on the 22nd of July 1967. He graduated from Gnessin Musicial College’s piano department and served in the army. After that he studied at the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts and worked as a soloist with the Moscow Philharmonic. He has been part of the Don KosakenChor Russland for a long time, both as a singer and a pianist.

Lev Krasovitsky (Tenor)

Lev Stanislavovtsj Krasovitsky was born in 1971 in Poesjkino, a town just outside Moscow. In 1977 he graduated from the State Conservatory’s Music School’s department for singing technique. Lev has been a part of the Don KosakenChor Russland since 1997.

Abdul Mukmanov (Tenor)

Abdul has a degree in solo singing (from pedagoge V.L. Tsjaplin) from Gnessin Musicial College and interned with the Tchaikovsky State Conservatory in the prof. P.I. Skoesnitsjenko’s class. He has sung many roles in several opera houses, most of which were in Moscow.

Valery Obouchov (Bass)

Valery Obouchov was born in Moscow on the 9th of July 1949. His grandfather was executed by the Stalin regime in 1937 and his father was interned in Stalin’s camps from 1937 to 1948 as a political prisoner (art 58 of the penal code). His mother was involved in the Second World war as a medic and an officer. She was wounded and declared a war invalid of the first degree. That’s why Obouchov was raised in an orphanage. There, he was taught music on a Waldhorn. Later, he graduated from the Conservatory’s Musical College (specialising in Waldhorn) and continued his studies at the Conservatory (again in Waldhorn). As a young musician he worked for the Moscow Conservatory’s opera theatre's orchestra. At the same time he started a study in solo singing at the Moscow Theatre Academy (formerly GITIS). He has worked with Marcel Verhoeff and the Don KosakenChor Russland since 1996.

Anatoly Petrenko (Tenor)

Anatoly Petrenko has been with the Don KosakenChor Russland from its very start in the summer of 1991. Petrenko’s singing career started with the “Slavi Rossii.” When that ensemble was disbanded he auditioned for the Don KosakenChor Russland and has been a part of it ever since.

Wasilij Tschitschin (Tenor)

Wasilij Tschitschin graduated from the Ippolitov State Institute for Musical Pedagogy (Moscow) with a specialisation in classical singing. He has been a soloist with the DonKosakenChor Russland since 1994.

Alexander Zelenski (Baritone)

Alexander Zelenski studied at the Ippolitiov Ivanov School of Music and graduated from GITIS (State institute for the Theatre Arts) with a specialisation in acting and musical theatre. He has been an artist in service of the Don KosakenChor Russland since 1996. Alexander (also called Sasja) is also conductor Marcel Verhoeff’s personal driver.