State Soloist Ensemble "Philarmonia"

The State Soloists Ensemble ‘Philharmonia’ is connected with the State Symphonic Orchestra ‘Boyan’ in Moscow. All members of this ensemble have worked together with conductor Marcel Verhoeff for over 20 years, at first in the former Moscow Festival Ensemble and now in the State Soloists Ensemble ‘Philharmonia’. This excellent, professional company consists of laureates who play together with a shared pleasure and love for their trade. This ensemble is so unique that it has recently earned the right to call itself State Ensemble. Many of them teach at the most prominent institutes of Moscow, give solo recitals and are frequently asked as soloists for major symphony orchestras in Russia.

The leader of the ensemble, Valery Elchik, arranges and composes as well. The ensemble has performed for Patriarch ‘Kirill’, the Russian President Medvedev and Putin. The State Soloists Ensemble ‘Philharmonia’ works closely together with the Don KosakenChor Russland and its conductor Marcel N. Verhoeff.

Members of the Ensemble

Valery Elchik, Balalaika
Alexander Marchakovskiy, Balalaika
Sergey Lukin, Domra
Yury Sidorov, Bayan
Sergey Chuchupalov, Bass balalaika
Evgeny Rybalka, Alto balalaika


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